Berenice and Irene are Getting a Full Webseries on PopNerdTV!

My dear friend, Cierra Caballero, and I created the two psychotic besties at approximately 3 am for just a couple PNTV promos. Then we ran in to one minor issue. We wound up liking them too much. Thus began our adventure into creating a full season.

For those of you who have never seen these two loons (played by myself and Cierra), Berenice and Irene are both inspired by the film and television we watched growing up. Cierra — who also hosts PNTV’s Jump Scare — brings with her Hitchcock, the campy gloriousness of The Evil Dead, and The Addams Family. Meanwhile, I grew up with just about every British sitcom from the 70’s and 90’s. Blackadder, Absolutely Fabulous, and — of course — Monty Python (all of it). When you mix all of those influences into one little webseries, you get… Well, Berenice and Irene! Their antics and homicidal tendencies toward one another usually lead to the deaths and destruction of most innocent (although, maybe not always all that innocent) bystanders.

These characters are so very fun to play and write, we cannot wait to bring you the full show. It’s going to be killler 😉

Berenice and Irene‘s original appearances: