The Micheal’s Challenge… In Hobby Lobby

What seems like eons ago, my good friend and fellow photographer Tori Martin asked me to take her headshots. Seeing as she is the most reluctant photography subject, I leaped at the opportunity. We both also wanted to try our hand at this “Micheal’s Challenge” while she took a reprieve from civilization to come visit me in the middle of no-where. (Don’t worry, I’ve since moved to a place where there are actual things to do.)

Tragically, we did not have a Micheal’s within a 2 hour radius, so we had to settle for Hobby Lobby. We grabbed another friend and model, Samantha Heer, and were on our way. You can see Tori’s photos here as well as more BTS shots I took here. AND the head shots she took for me here and here.

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